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Desinfection surfaces

Why disinfecting surfaces ?

Bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi: germs are invading your home

Did you know that a single bacterial cell generates a colony of a billion in less than 24 hours? Common spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Thus, surfaces and furniture become vectors of pathogens. The longevity of these germs can go up to several weeks, it is important to carry out regular disinfection of surfaces to prevent any transmission. 

How to reach a healthy environment ?

By democratizing access to new technologies:
for disinfection accessible to everyone, everywhere

The long hours of cleaning, using disinfectants limited in their effectiveness, are over. Today, bio-disinfection of surfaces by air (DSVA) makes it possible to obtain, in  a single step, a much more effective result. New disinfection technologies thus eliminate micro-organisms and inactivate these pathogens on inert, contaminated and difficult-to-access environments. They must benefit everyone and not be limited exclusively to the medical community. 

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