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What is a hygiene label ?

A guarantee of cleanliness for public spaces

A hygiene label is a guarantee of quality attesting to compliance with environmental, comfort and cleanliness requirements. It monitors specifications, specific to hygiene conditions, for each sector and commits the service provider to providing an environment where the bacterial load is reduced to a minimum. For example, medical centres, sports centres, crèches, well-being salons, benefiting from this label, thus certify that they offer their customers optimal services in terms of hygiene.

Why using a hygiene label ?

Because it gives you access to a healthy and clean space

The service provider who adheres to a hygiene label undertakes to respect the criteria related to air quality and the cleanliness of surfaces, thanks to new disinfection technologies and by accepting verifications of its space. To obtain certification, the service provider must meet the requirements by successfully demonstrating its commitment, in particular by monitoring the processes put in place, in order to improve the comfort of its customers.

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